When can the workflow handler go down?

Hi , at times see that my Workflow task handler goes down silently and is see all workflows and querys get hung, i also see “consistent query buffer is full, cannot accept new consistent queries” in my logs.

I initally thought it could be something after i upgraded to 1.0.5 client and 1.6.3 server,but it appears that that might not be the case.

Sad part is i dont see any thing much in the logs (my java sdk /workflow worker impl logs) inspite of having io.temoporal and io.grpc in TRACE.

Any idea how i can root cause this?

“One of suspesion is, possibly a an activity is attempting to signal to non existing or a terminated workflow and could be causing the workflow handler to come down”.

can that happen?

what should i look in client (java sdk logs) and temporal log to understand whats going on.

i had to couple of more thread for the thread1 and thread2

According to thread1 the workflow didn’t go down silently. It failed with NullPointerException. Try fixing it to unblock the workflow execution.

This is same as Timeout issues after upgrading to 1.6.3 temporal and 1.0.5 java client - Temporal, this thread can be closed.

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