Will deleting schedule_to_close_timeout lead to non-determinism issue in Python?

Hi, we have set the schedule_to_close_timeout timeout for our activities to be 4 days, and now we have a bunch of running workflows. If we were to delete the schedule_to_close_timeout timeout in our logic now, will that lead to non-determinism in the currently active workflows or any other issue?

Hi @Ammar_Hussein

It won’t, but already scheduled activities won’t be affected for this change since scheduleToClose is recorded in event history (ActivityTaskScheduled)

I have shared a couple of link in response to your other question about workflow determinism Will tampering in terminating workflows result in some problems? - #2 by antonio.perez that might help with this question too.

For python, you can test your changes using the replayer, we have an example here https://github.com/temporalio/samples-python/tree/main/replay


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