Workflow completed without completion of an activity started through signal

I have a main workflow (Main). and one child workflow(Child).

  1. Main starts the Child wf.
  2. Child sends progress signal to Main (parent)
  3. In Main, signal handler starts an activity.
  4. Child has completed it’s work (function)
  5. Main has completed it’s work (function)

but activity that started in signal handler is in SCHEDULED state only. it’s not started. also i have worker registered for this activity.

Workflow completes as soon as the main workflow method returns. So make sure that it doesn’t complete before the activity completes.

Thanks @maxim.

But, I have put this condition in the end of workflow method

Workflow.await(() -> this.isOrderInTerminalState);

and I update this variable this.isOrderInTerminalState just after calling the activity

Then you want to check the history events related to that activity and the state of the activity in the pending activities list.