Workflow ID reusable for *different* workflows?

  1. is it possible to use the same Workflow ID for multiple workflow types ( different @WorkflowInterface ) ?
    ( I do not see much documentation on WorkflowIdReusePolicy )

  2. Does it matter if only one workflow is active at any given time? ( Can I reuse the workflow ID of a process that has been completed? )

  3. Can I reuse the same workflow ID for multiple workflows that are all running currently?

  1. WorkflowID uniqueness is enforced on the namespace level. So it is not possible to have two open workflows with the same ID even if they are of different types. The simple workaround is to prepend the type to the whatever business ID you use.

  2. It is OK to reuse an id if there is no open workflow at the time. WorkflowIdReusePolicy applies in this case.

  3. No. Only one workflow with the given id can be open at a time within a namespace.