Workflow name as environment variable

Is there an option to set the workflow name based on (environment/dynamic) variables?
I didn’t find a solution is the docs, is it possible?
I saw that @WorkflowMethod(name= “”) - must be a constant…


What is the use case for this?

It requested by our PO, he wants a different workflow type/name for each environment,
from your answer, I’m assuming I can tell them this is not possible by SDK?

I’m not sure what value such feature provides given that each environment is expected to live in its own namespace

You can create your ReplayWorkflowFactory, which internally will delegate to POJOWorkflowImplementationFactory and perform name mapping. One caveat is that POJOWorkflowImplementationFactory is an internal implementation, so there is no guarantee about its API stability.

For me, also “This is currently not possible, due to API stability” is perfectly fine - Thanks Maxim!