Workflow panic on Worker restart

Go sdk v1.24.0
Temporal server version 1.18.5
We start the worker with the Start() method

I’m having issues restarting a worker when there is a parent workflow & child workflow running.

Parent workflow A executes correctly and launches child workflow B which executes, these workflows can last several minutes.

When the workflows are executed (RUNNING) we deploy our application, which aims to cut off the worker and restart another.

The application restarts and the child workflow (B) which was currently running executes its remaining activities and changes to “Completed” status.

The parent workflow fails at the execution step of the child workflow which has already taken place before the application restarts.

"Failed to process workflow task. "
“unknown command CommandType: ChildWorkflow”
“possible causes are nondeterministic workflow definition code or incompatible change in the workflow definition”

Seems like it’s because of the child workflow ID which was generated on timestamp