Workflow run Failure with namespace not found

Hello I’m using the helm chart installation of temporal on K8s with cassandra. As I use the sample java sdk workflow I cannot run the workflow either with a default namespace or setnamespaace. methods on workflowclientoptions builder. I see below error

Task :initiateTransfer
19:29:35.468 [main] INFO i.t.s.WorkflowServiceStubsImpl - Created GRPC client for channel: ManagedChannelOrphanWrapper{delegate=ManagedChannelImpl{logId=1, target=}}
Exception in thread “main” io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: NOT_FOUND: namespace:default not found

try tctl --ns default namespace register -rd 3

Hello @Wenquan_Xing thank you for the answer that did work.

However, I was expecting the schema update process in deployment generates the default namespace.
Adding to that the java sdk uses default namespace system and the only way is to create default namespace is by using admin tools.
If I have to deploy this to production I don’t think I would have to deploy admin tools as well.
Let me know your suggestions on this, thanks.

You need to register the namespace prior to using a namespace, namespace registration has nothing to do with schema update.

you can use brew install tctl then port forwarding to frontend host and register the namespace