Workflow termination failure cannot be closed

My workflow transaction size exceeds limit of 4194304 bytes and I want to force it to close
.I want to know how an abnormal workflow task is killed. What should I do.Thanks in advance.

server-version: 1.17.6
sdk-versoin: 1.21.2

error log

{"level":"error","ts":"2023-10-24T19:20:27.700+0800","msg":"Operation failed with internal error.","error":"transaction size of 76711843 bytes exceeds limit of 4194304 bytes"}


I’m sorry to bother you, and I hope you can give me some tips or suggestions @samar @tihomir @maxim

Hi @jialong

I guess you are gonna get the same error but just in case, have you tried terminating the workflow using cli?

Yes, return the same error

Do you have any other solutions? Please tell me more.

unfortunately, one of my workflow execution exceeds the gRPC limit. this mistake will cause latency issues even breakdown the temporal server.

I’ve tried to terminate the related workflow by cli but failed with this error blow:

and any suggestion for resolving these issues fundamentally? otherwise it seems that we have to design every workflow carefully following the link
Temporal Platform limits sheet | Temporal Documentation and check gRPC and other limits