Workflow timing issues

Could you please explain this: The tasktimeout keeps getting set to 1m and the workflowrRunTimeout is set to 100h.“Starting Workflow with workflowid {}”, workflowId);
WorkflowOptions workflowOptions = null;
try {
workflowOptions =

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Hey payals, thanks for taking the time to ask a question on our forum. I’ll going to tag someone who can provide some practical advice.

Having 100h timeout for the workflow task is a clear programming mistake. That’s why the service overrides it to a more meaningful 1 minute.


What are good values in your opinion - assuming, I’d like my activity to be retried 10000 times in case of failure , and the workflow to stop after 28 days.

I get these new values

Set activity retry policy to whatever makes sense with max retries equal 10k. Then set the activity ScheduleToClose timeout to 28 days.

And keep the workflowTaskTimeout around 10 seconds.