Workflow versioning question

I wonder if I can create two separate workflows to handle different workflow versions.
Let’s say I have a workflow “A” which is now is in production. I rewrote it from scratch (call it “B”) (even workflow method has different arguments now) and if I pushed this code to production obviously workflows that had already started would fail. Is there a way to like keep old workflows “A” working but for new processes I want to start workflow “B”?

If your already started workflows are short-running you could wait until they are all completed and then deploy your new impl.
If they are long-running and you don’t want to use versioning you could
run your new impl on a new set of workers on a different task queue (and namespace if you need). You would need to also configure your client code to start new workflow executions on this new task queue (and namespace if needed).

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Thanks, they are pretty short at max 48 hours). I’ve been thinking of that just asked to clarify if I wanted to do a legit thing:)