WorkflowClient in Java SDK - is one client always enough or there should be a pool of clients?


I’m working on a design of a system using Temporal workflows in a massive scale. We are using Java SDK.
Documentation says that WorkflowClient should be created once in a process, it shouldn’t be created for every request.
Some of our workflows will be synchronous.
Is it possible that workflow client would become a bottleneck of a system at some point?

I’m wondering - is one client always enough? Or maybe it makes sense to create a pool of workflow clients?

Yes, one client is enough. Would you describe what you mean by “massive scale”?

Thank you for the answer. I’m talking about hundreds of thousands of workflow executions - daily.

That is not a massive scale for Temporal. The Temporal can support orders of magnitude higher rates.

Thank you Maxim for your help.

Hi Maxim

We are planning to use temporal for a mission critical application for a leading Bank. Is it possible to have a word with you?


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Sure, DM me in Slack.

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Thanks Maxim, Piotr and I will contact you there.