WorkflowReplayer replayWorkflowExecution

I have exported the workflow history from temporal UI(8088), which is a son file and trying to replay with
new File(absolutePath+"/dithostory.json"), MyWorkFlowImpl.class);

I am getting exception –
io.temporal.common.converter.DataConverterException: JsonObject

Please let me know I thought json works for this case, may be I am missing some thing

Currently the JSON that you get from the Web UI needs a little bit of “massaging” to get it working with WorkflowReplayer. We are working on fixing that.

The problem is some properties, for example via Web UI you get:

"eventType": "WorkflowExecutionStarted",

where it should be:


(the SDK needs the enum types, not the enum values)

You can take a look at this JSON for example where I went and did all the find/replace to fix it: temporal-patient-onboarding/onboardingrunhistory.json at main · tsurdilo/temporal-patient-onboarding · GitHub

If you send your JSON history I can do the same for you and then you can see the diff to do it yourself.

Getting execution history JSON from the CLI (tctl) should work however, could you test?