WorkflowTaskTimedOut after WorkflowTaskStarted

I’m testing with Temporal and occasionally running into this issue where

WorkflowTaskStarted is followed by no progress followed by WorkflowTaskTimedOut (30s timeout).

My worker options are just the following with 25 workers (Go)

		MaxConcurrentActivityTaskPollers: 5,

Not quite sure how to proceed from here, any guidance is appreciated.

If you expand event 10 can you share the Timeout Type?
In case its ScheduleToStart it could be caused by worker restart that happened during your execution.
If its “StartToClose” typically means your workflow worker was not able to respond with workflow task completion within the set workflow task timeout. Service then places this workflow task back on the task queue and it seems then it was able to complete (events 11, 12, 13).

How many worker processes do you have deployed? Check the identity (worker identity) property on events 9 and 12, see if they are different.
Do you have SDK metrics enabled? Would be good to look at your workflow and activity tasks schedule to start latencies. Let me know and I’ll add queries to look at.

Thanks for responding - on the first point it was a StartToClose timeout.

Sorry, where do I check worker identity?

And I haven’t enabled metrics yet but I’ll give that a go soon.