Write a single workflow with multiple languages

is it possible that a single workflow can be written by different languages?
For example I’d like to implement a workflow that have two activities for some reason I need to write the first activity in java with java sdk and the second activity needs to be written by Golang with Go sdk. how can I combine these two activities into a workflow, is this doable directly or indirectly?

This is fully supported. Make sure that activity workers in different languages are using different task queue names and workflow specifies correct task queue names when invoking these activities.

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thanks very much, will try this out

Are there any gotcha-s related to parameters serialization?

Any way to define activity/WF interfaces in gRPC? Just curious

By default JSON serialization is used. So if both languages use structures that are compatible with the generated JSON you should be fine. You can also use protos as their serialization is also supported.