Writing unit test for workflow that uses GetWorkflowHistory

Hi, how would I go about writing a unit test for a workflow similar to this?

The idea is I have workflow A that retrieves a workflow history of a different workflow B, and stores it to our data lake. Is there a way to run a test workflow B, then somehow retrieve its workflow history?

import (


func GetWorkflowHistory(ctx context.Context, client client.Client, id, runID string) (*history.History, error) {
	var hist history.History
	iter := client.GetWorkflowHistory(ctx, id, runID, false, enums.HISTORY_EVENT_FILTER_TYPE_ALL_EVENT)
	for iter.HasNext() {
		event, err := iter.Next()
		if err != nil {
			return nil, err
		hist.Events = append(hist.Events, event)
	return &hist, nil

Source: Testing - Go SDK feature guide | Temporal Documentation

You can use the client mock.