XDC replication into the new cluster for the in-flight workflows

Hi, I have a question around the XDC replication in the following scenario

  1. We have a long running WF in Cluster-A which does something and goes to sleep/wait for the event.
  2. We are adding the Cluster-B in the loop on some stage while the WF is still running on the Cluster-A and setting up XDC between the Cluster-A and the Cluster-B.
  3. We are transferring the namespace hosting the WF from the Cluster-A to the Cluster-B

What would happen with the state and the visibility of the WF for the events which have occurred during the timeline when the Cluster-B didn’t existed?

Hi @Andrey_Dubnik
asked server team to help with your questions and will get back to you asap.

Replication works by shipping over workflow updates from active cluster to standby cluster.
ClusterB won’t know anything about a workflow if there is no state transition for a given workflow since they are connected.
You can force a replication for a given workflow by sending a dummy signal to it.

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Thanks! I will definitely add this into the new cluster bootstrap.