About the Training Category

Questions or discussions related to training provided by Temporal

See learn.temporal.io for a list of our courses and tutorials.

This is the right category for:

  • Asking for clarifications regarding an explanation in the course or tutorial

  • Asking for help with a hands-on exercise in the course

  • Reporting typos or technical issues with a training course or tutorial

  • General questions or discussions about training offered by Temporal, such as requests to cover additional topics or ideas for new courses or tutorials.

For general questions about Temporal, such as how you might apply the knowledge you’ve gained during a training course when designing and developing your own applications, please use a different category, such as Community Support.

When posting a new topic:

  • Include as much info as possible, including (if applicable):
  • The name of the course or tutorial for which you need help
  • The name of the section in the course, tutorial, or hands-on exercise that is relevant to your post
  • Whether you’re using the provided exercise environment or your own
  • The full text of the error message that led to your question

If a reply in your post solves your question, please mark it as the “Solution.”

Response Time
Although Temporal Education staff monitors this category during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central time), responses are provided on a best-effort basis and are not subject to SLAs.

Code Of Conduct
As with all content at community.temporal.io, posts in the Training category must comply with the Temporal Code of Conduct.

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