Activity worker deployment with Spring boot application


If I have a workflow(QueueA) with an activity(QueueB) which is making call to an external application (Ext_App). This external application is basically another application being developed by me only where I am planning to have the worker(polling on QueueB) to be deployed in the same external application(Ext_App). Is this the right approach or any problems I might face?

You can have both application communicate via Temporal server. The “orchestration” app that hosts the workflow can just host the workflow itself. Your ext application can host the activity and the activity worker.
There shouldn’t be issue with your workflow invoking an activity on a different task queue (used by your second app).
Take a look at this sample, hope it helps.

Thanks, it clarifies. Just to confirm - E.g If the ext application which is hosting the activity and activity worker is exposing a service, and if the same activity is making a call to service of the same ext application, there should not be any issue…right?

I don’t understand the question fully maybe, but would assume that code in your activity implementation can interact with the application its deployed in. Would help to see your idea visually to understand better.

Yes, above assumption is correct, same was my query. Thanks a lot for the clarification.