Integration with Spring and self registration of workflows and activities

Hi. I have three main questions.

1. How would I “selfregister” workflows? For example, instead of doing


in the main function for every single workflow, there would be an annotation that can handle the registration automatically. E.g.

public interface HelloWorld {
    String sayHello(String semanticId, Worker worker);

// SelfRegister in substitution of worker.registerWorkflowImplementationTypes
@SelfRegisterWorkflow(taskqueue = "TaskQueue1",  /* other options */)
public class HelloWorldImpl implements HelloWorld {
    private final SayHiActivity activities;

    public HelloWorldImpl() {
        ActivityOptions options = ActivityOptions.newBuilder().setStartToCloseTimeout(Duration.ofSeconds(20)).build();
        this.activities = Workflow.newActivityStub(SayHiActivity.class, options);

    public String sayHello() {
      return activities.sayHi();

I know this can be done manually with Reflections, but I don’t know if Temporal provides (maybe not now but in the future) a way to register workflows like this.

2. Is there a way to use an activity (like the one in the previous example) in a way that does not require to be registered? Or that can be “self registered” like the previous example.

My goal is not to have the main function of my app bloated with worker.registerWorkflowImplementationTypes() and worker.registerActivitiesImplementations().

3. There’s also the issue with Spring. Let’s say I want to execute a workflow on a POST request and return the result from the execution. I would do this in the Spring controller (or a service), but first I need access to the WorkflowClient (so I can call client.newWorkflowStub and then the workflow method; sayHello() in this case). What is the ideal way to proceed? Making WorkflowClient a singleton, for example? Since autowiring it is not possible (at least for know, since I’ve read that Temporal aims to integrate with Spring).

Thank you.

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We have plans to add Spring Boot integration. Until then you will have to write your own factories.

Hi @maxim, thank you. Do you have an ETA on this?

No ETA yet. But it is a very frequently asked feature. So it is pretty high in the priority list.

Here’s the beginnings of my Spring configuration (below).

I take an @Autowired(required=false) dependency on the TemporalConnection class in my Spring AppRunner class in order to initialize the temporal instance with the namespace, etc.

My controller takes a dependency on the WorkflowClient, which is auto-wired with the bean declared in the configuration.

I’ve had the same question about how to better plug into the Spring framework for auto-discovery of workflows and activities. While I haven’t attempted it yet, my guess is the implementation will involve a mix of declaring @Beans for the activity and workflow stubs and using the Spring API for finding all beans that implement the relevant interfaces (or maybe that have a custom annotation like @TemporalActivity or @TemporalWorkflowImplementation).

So, while this doesn’t solve all of your wish list, it’s a start. If I do end up building something fancier, I’ll share it.

public class TemporalConfig {
    public static final String ACTIVITY_QUEUE = "activities";
    public static final String WORKFLOW_QUEUE = "workflows";

    private String serviceAddress;

    private String namespace;

    public WorkerFactory workerFactory(WorkflowClient workflowClient) {
        return WorkerFactory.newInstance(workflowClient);

    public WorkflowClient workflowClient(WorkflowServiceStubs workflowServiceStubs) {
        return WorkflowClient.newInstance(

    public WorkflowServiceStubs workflowServiceStubs() {
        return WorkflowServiceStubs.newInstance(WorkflowServiceStubsOptions.newBuilder().setTarget(serviceAddress).build());

    public static class TemporalConnection {
        private String namespace;

        private int workflowRetentionDays;

        private final WorkflowServiceStubs service;
        private final WorkerFactory factory;

        public TemporalConnection(
                WorkflowServiceStubs workflowServiceStubs,
                WorkerFactory factory
        ) {
            this.factory = factory;
            this.service = workflowServiceStubs;

        public void init() {
  "Temporal connection initialized");

        private void startWorkers() {
            Worker workflowWorker = factory.newWorker(WORKFLOW_QUEUE);

            Worker activityWorker = factory.newWorker(ACTIVITY_QUEUE);
            activityWorker.registerActivitiesImplementations(new HelloActivityImpl("Hello"));


        private void initNamespace() {
            Duration retention = Duration.newBuilder().setSeconds(60 * 60 * 24 * 7L).build();
            boolean connected = false;
            int counter = 0;
            while (!connected && counter < 600) { // ~20 minutes max
                try {
          "Registering namespace \"{}\" with a retention period of {} days",
                    RegisterNamespaceRequest request =
                    RegisterNamespaceResponse response = service.blockingStub().registerNamespace(request);

                    connected = response.isInitialized();
                    if (!response.isInitialized()) {

                } catch (StatusRuntimeException ex) {
                    if (ex.getStatus().getCode() == Status.ALREADY_EXISTS.getCode()) { // Need to compare codes for successful equality
              "Domain \"{}\" already exists", namespace);
                        UpdateNamespaceRequest request = UpdateNamespaceRequest.newBuilder()
                        UpdateNamespaceResponse response = service.blockingStub().updateNamespace(request);
                        connected = response.isInitialized();
                    } else {
                        log.error("Cannot connect to Temporal service.  Waiting for 2 seconds...", ex);
                } catch (Exception e) {
                    log.error("Cannot connect to Temporal service.  Waiting for 2 seconds...", e);

The controller:

public class HelloController {

    private final WorkflowClient workflowClient;

    public HelloController(WorkflowClient workflowClient) {this.workflowClient = workflowClient;}

    @ApiOperation(value = "Ask the server to say something to you", nickname = "hello")
    public Map<String, String> message(@ApiParam @RequestParam String name) {

        HelloWorld helloWorld = workflowClient.newWorkflowStub(

        String message = helloWorld.tssWorkflow(name);

        Map<String, String> status = new HashMap<>();
        status.put("message", message);
        return status;
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