Adding Resource Limit information to Admin Tools


I was able to add resource limit information like (CPU ,Memory Usage) for worker, history ,web services . But I am not able to add resource information to admin tools.

Does any one had any ideas how to pass CPU and Memory Parameters for admin tools.

Information Which I want to pass in admin tools :
cpu: 100m
memory: 128Mi
cpu: 100m
memory: 128Mi

the yaml for the kubernetes resource for admin tools is the same as the other services - you can just add those things to the yaml.

are you asking about the helm chart though? because that doesn’t directly support what you are asking for right now on admin tools. you can still generate the yaml, modify it and apply.

Hi Derek- yes I am talking about helm for admin tools. So are you suggesting to change the Yaml file manually after deploying in case of admin tools?

or change the yaml before deploying using helm template to generate the yaml -

the chart just doesn’t enable doing it for admin tools right now. PRs are welcome on helm-charts tho!

alternately (and more securely) admin tools is only useful for creating or updating schema or debugging things from a pod in the k8s cluster - after the initial deployment and setup of temporal you can scale admin tools down to zero until you want to use it again for something like a schema update. that way it won’t take up any resources when it’s not running.