Temporal charts for production

Hi quick question here regarding the helm charts. According to the docs its only for quick starts (i.e. non production).

Is there some guide on deploying temporal to kubernetes using the same chart plus all the necessary changes required?

To give a few context of what we may have.

The system we are integrating temporal with is not heavily loaded. Rps is about 10-20 requests/s.

We imagine to also have around 5-10 different workflows. Each will have around 5-6 activities.
The arguments or parameters to the workflow or activities isn’t big just a few kbytes.

Planned backend database is an external PostgreSQL (not running in kubernetes).

Sorry if this is already answered.
Thanks again!

Hi @Bal_Chua,
here are some forum threads that go into the same subject, hope it helps:

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(there are more posts if you search the forum that also might have useful info for you)
Let us know if you have any specific questions.

Awesome :sunglasses:. I’ve used the helm chart to deploy temporal services, but not the accompanied datastores. Perhaps adding that note in the helm chart repo can make it clearer.
Thanks a lot!