How to run temporal in production

I went through this link for the production deployment.
But still, I did not understand where to start.

Should I have to install all the components separately and set them up in the production?
like temporal server, database, and elastic search.

It would be appreciated if we have any videos for this

Temporal Server is a Go binary that you can deploy in a variety of ways.
Docker-compose is the most common way to deploy for development setups and Temporal provides a number of docker-compose files for different setups.
Kubernetes is the most common way to deploy it in production and to assist you deploy it on kubernetes cluster (for example AWS EKS) Temporal provides a set of Helm charts.

As far as deploying your own application(s), Temporal is not opinionated about that. Both the Workflow and Activity code is really deployed and operated outside of the control of the Temporal Server. So the recommendation there is to use whatever your currently deployment infrastructure is for your Java applications.

Temporal also has a fully managed cloud offering and is working with early design partners currently. For more information see the bottom of our docs page where you can sign up to receive updates on this service.

We are currently working on videos that will show Temporal Server deployment on Docker-compose and Kubernetes/Minicube so stay tuned.

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