Any way to verify if multiple instances of temporal server has successfully connected to each other?



Hello, in our current use case, we are running multiple instances of Temporal server process on different hosts and have them talk to each other, together form the cluster. At a glance things are looking good, but we can’t find any way to verify that each Temporal server process has successfully connected to each other.

For example, suppose there is Temporal server T1 running on host A and Temporal server T2 running on host B. Networking between host A and B are prepared so that both process can directly talk to each other. Both are also connected to the same database so they can discover the existence of each other. Now, when I invoke the cli on host A

temporal operator cluster health


temporal operator cluster describe


temporal operator cluster list

All of these commands only disclose about the status of local Temporal server process running on the same node, but not other connected processes

Is there any API/cli/UI element which will display a holistic view of all connected Temporal process in the system? Perhaps something like

process 1         host 1         healthy
process 2         host 2         healthy

process 1         host 1         healthy
process 2         host 2         healthy