Application error details encoded in web ui

Hi, how to make it so it’s not encoded? I just want it to display the real object.

With web v2 there are two ways to decode data from the ui:

  1. Websocket to tctl plugin
  2. Http request to codec endpoint
    see more info here

For tctl plugin you can run following command for example (docs page here)

tctl dc web --web_ui_url http://localhost:8080 --port 5555

where http://localhost:8080 is the web ui url and port is a random port you want to assign for the data converter to listen on. Then in web ui open the data converter configuration and set that same port:

You might have to after refresh the page, or go back to the workflow list view and then back to exec details view. Not for this you need to tell tctl about your custom data converter ($TEMPORAL_CLI_PLUGIN_DATA_CONVERTER env var, for example:
export TEMPORAL_CLI_PLUGIN_DATA_CONVERTER=<path to dataconverter plugin>

For codec endpoint see:

@tihomir Is this a new requirement when using web v2? because in v1 the error details is decoded even without defining data converter.


I don’t think it’s a requirement, more so maybe because v2 is being actively developed and improved and seems maybe some places like json history view the payloads are not yet being decrypted (base64) for the version you are using.

Would suggest trying to find time to keep up with Docker Hub
and upgrading to the latest images as they come out. Our teams are pushing tons of really nice upgrades and fixes all the time. Also if you find what you think is a bug or usability issue please report it here.