Temporal Cloud: WebUI for Encrypted Data?


We’re running on Temporal Cloud. We plan on encrypting data via a DataConverter (thanks for the sample!). Is it possible to see that data decrypted in the WebUI without Temporal Inc having access to the plaintext data?

Perhaps running a local WebUI with a data converter setup? Not sure if it’s easy to hook up to Temporal Cloud.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!


You can configure a remote codec server and set it up in the cloud ui (left hand side “Data Encoder” link).

Wouldn’t that mean that employees of Temporal Inc could decode the data given the information store in Temporal Cloud for the codec server?

I’ll double check on this but since you control remote codec server and can set for your access token to be passed through in request (via checkbox on data encoder popup in cloud ui) you can restrict/control access.

I read the code a bit. I get it now. No need to double check. Thanks!

ps: I’m constantly impressed by how Temporal Inc has thought of so many use cases and implemented practical example code.