Archival And Retention Period


If we set Retention Period to 5 days and Archival is not enabled then all closed workflows data will be lost ? Is both Archival And Retention Period are dependent on each other ?

Yeah if you don’t configure archival all completed execs that hit your namespace retention period are removed from both primary persistence store as well as your configured visibility store.

Thanks for prompt reply.

Is there any way to access archive workflow execution data ?

Yes, you can access it via tctl or via api (ListArchivedExecutions). The “visibility” query you use can differ but you can see the exposed fields in readmes for each archive plugin, see here and here.

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Also if you think about starting using archival feature would consider using server version 1.20.0 which includes some improvements to archival for stability.

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For default namespace when retention period is 1 day, its still not deleting workflow executions older than 1 day. Is this behaviour correct? We are persisiting data in MySQL DB.

Retention period only applies to completed executions. Also when you change your ns retention period the change would apply only to completed execs after this update. Execs that completed before the retention period change/update on ns would still have the older retention period timer set.

Is this behaviour differ in case of default namespace ? Cause for custom namespace it is deleting completed executions.

It should be same for all namespaces. Note retention period is per namespace, you can check via tctl:

tctl --ns <ns_name> namespace desc

You can use the --ns option when you update your namespace (change retention too).