Question about the workflow execution history

hello, for past workflow execution i have several questions.

  1. will temporal clean past workflow execution records? using
    select count(*) from executions;
    returns different results and the server seems removed serval past executions?
  2. I find that web ui only shows part of the entire workflow executions. e.g. there are 80 executions in database table but only about 30-40 are shown. (early workflow executions were 3 days ago).
    how can i change the setting to see more workflow executions? I tried
    but seems not working.


I went through the doc, is this because of the default 3 days Retention Period?

for 1) yes this will depend on your namespace retention period set. once an execution completes, and this completed execution hits namespace retention, it is removed from persistence

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I tried

are you looking at archived executions? trying to fully understand issue.
default page size for visibility records is 1K, ui should iirc show up to 100 records without having to paginate in the ui page

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i set retention for “default” namespace with this command, but it seems not working?
tctl --address ADDR namespace update --retention 30 default

that command looks correct to me except the last “default”
should be just

tctl --address ADDR namespace update --retention 30

if namespace is not specified, tctl would use “default”

if you do that check

tctl --address <addrs> namespace desc

if you want to explicitly set namespace name, you can do like

tctl --address <addrs> --namespace <nsname> namespace update --retention X

where X is in days