Closed workflow not visible in the UI

Hey guys, we have been using and testing out temporal for the last couple of weeks, and we were facing an issue. Closed workflows disappear after 1 day or so from the web UI. This doesn’t affect running workflows which are still visible. Is there any configuration that I can do to disable this feature or increase the time workflows are visible within the UI?
We are using the Typescript SDK, Cassandra for persistence if that’s important

Default retention for “default” namespace for docker compose setups using auto-setup image is set to 1 day.

You can update the retention period via tctl for example:

tctl --ns <namespace_name> n u --rd 2

where the retention period (rd) value is in days.
Note the min retention period is 1 day and max is 30.
If you need to persist your workflow histories and visibility data past max 30 days you would need to look into using archival.