Await "signal" in workflow execution history API

Hi all!

I’m using the GetWorkflowExecutionHistoryRequest to get the history of completed and running workflows. Is there a way to see whether a workflow is waiting for a signal?

I’m using “Workflow.await” but I’m not able to see that reflected in the history. The flow itself works fine and the signal is implemented correct.

The last 3 elements in the response are:

  • An event with eventType “WorkflowTaskScheduled”
  • An event with eventType “WorkflowTaskStarted”
  • An event with eventType “WorkflowTaskCompleted”

I’m also not able to see it in the UI…Only the status remains in processing state. I’m wondering if there is another API I need to use perhaps?

There is no direct way to see it using the current API. One idea would be replaying the workflow up to the point you are interested in and then running the “thread trace” query, which will show where workflow threads are waiting.

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