Show execution is a Workflow.await

It would be a nice quality-of-life improvement to be able to tell in the Web UI that the execution is currently in a Workflow.await. When there’s a timer or a Worflow.await with a timeout there’s something the event history indicates the amount of time, but if it’s only a Workflow.await without a timeout, there’s no visual indicator that the workflow is in this await state. Many times, I’ve had to then look at the workflow definition to deduce that this was the state it was in.

I’m aware I can add custom search attributes, and I do, but those search attributes are not visible in the UI’s execution view either.

Hi @karney

thank you for the feedback

i think this issue is related (not exactly the same I think) , Add ability to filter by workflows waiting on a timer · Issue #1002 · temporalio/ui · GitHub, could you add a comment there? if not, please feel free to create an new issue in that repository, I can do it in your behalf if you prefer.

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you’re right that it’s related but not exactly the same, I too would like a filter for executions that are currently in awaits/timers!

I added to the issue some screenshots of the difference in experience between a Workflow.await with timeout and without.