AWS ECS Fargate Service Discovery


I am trying to setup Temporal for our production use. Aiming for the following setup

  • History, Frontend, Admin, Matching, Worker : all having their separate Task Definition and Service
  • DynamicConfig : exposed to each service via an EFS Access Point
  • Networking mode: awsvpc
  • All services inside the same ECS Cluster
  • OpenSearch

Now, Since every service will be it’s own ECS Service (Inside a single cluster), I will not have access to their PubliC IPs.

I am trying to use ECS Service Discovery for the same…
How can I provide the service registry names in the config, so that the different temporal services can communicate over grpc with each other ?

Hmm. I went through a few posts in the forum. Looks like I don’t need to explicitly provide IP addresses of all services for them to discover each other.
The temporal.cluster_membership table takes care of it.

However, I do need a way to provide the IP of Frontend Service to the Worker Instance… Correct ?