CDK constructs for Temporal cluster on AWS ECS/Fargate

Hi all! Just want to share this… We are working on CDK constructs to deploy a Temporal cluster on AWS ECS/Fargate. You may check it out at GitHub - Progymedia/temporalio-cluster-cdk: AWS CDK constructs for deployment of a Temporal cluster on ECS Fargate.

This is still preliminary work, but already provides the following features:

  • Setup a Temporal cluster on ECS Fargate
  • Use distinct containers for each Temporal server roles (frontend, history, matching, worker)
  • Specify the size of containers (can be specified specifically for each server role, or as default values)
  • Register frontend containers to a CloudMap namespace
  • By default, create an Aurora serverless (MySQL compatible) data store
  • Possibility of specifying Temporal software version, as well as modifying address of docker images (either to use a less restrictive docker registry, or to use customized build images)
  • Use an EFS file system to store and share Temporal’s dynamic_config.yaml file among all server nodes
  • Automatically creates and upgrade the ‘temporal’ and ‘visibility’ schemas at launch time, if appropriate (without using the auto_setup container)
  • Optionally launch the Temporal web UI

Please drop a line if you are interested in this deployment strategy. Feedback and contributions are welcome!