Build temporal server image from scratch

HI, Being in a corporate setup, the base temporal server image temporalio/auto-setup, cannot be used, because it may be exposed to security vulnerabilities.

Instead , i want to build the server image by myself, so that i can control ,what goes into the image.

For that , plz guide me to the base source and base Dockerfile and other artifacts/documents to get started

Hey Pradnya,

Please follow this docker build repo from: GitHub - temporalio/docker-builds: Temporal service Docker images build to guide you on building a base Dockerfile.

i cloned the repo and in the docker-builds folder i give the command

docker build . -f admin-tools.Dockerfile -t temporalio/admin-tools:pradnya07112022 --build-arg SERVER_IMAGE=temporalio/server:latest

i get this error:

=> ERROR [admin-tools-builder 3/6] COPY ./temporal/go.mod ./temporal/go.sum ./temporal/ 0.0s

[admin-tools-builder 3/6] COPY ./temporal/go.mod ./temporal/go.sum ./temporal/:

failed to compute cache key: “/temporal/go.sum” not found: not found

plz help

The admin-tools image needs temporal itself in order to build the sql tools. If you look at the docker file docker-builds/admin-tools.Dockerfile at main · temporalio/docker-builds · GitHub
it expects temporal server code to be in the “temporal” directory.

So what you can do is:
cd docker-builds
git clone

This will add temporal server code in /temporal directory and then run your command again which should allow you to build your image.