Docker build . -f server.Dockerfile failing

I am trying to build the server image

docker build . -f server.Dockerfile -t temporal/temporalio/server:2022.10.26

but it is failing with this error:

[+] Building 150.1s (19/31)
=> [internal] load build definition from server.Dockerfile 0.1s
=> => transferring dockerfile: 2.00kB 0.0s
=> [internal] load .dockerignore 0.1s
=> => transferring context: 2B 0.0s
=> [internal] load metadata for 0.0s
=> [internal] load metadata for 0.0s
=> [internal] load build context 10.3s
=> => transferring context: 18.00MB 10.2s
=> [temporal-server 1/13] FROM 0.0s
=> [temporal-builder 1/13] FROM 0.0s
=> CACHED [temporal-server 2/13] WORKDIR /etc/temporal 0.0s
=> CACHED [temporal-server 3/13] RUN addgroup -g 1000 temporal 0.0s
=> CACHED [temporal-server 4/13] RUN adduser -u 1000 -G temporal -D temporal 0.0s
=> CACHED [temporal-server 5/13] RUN mkdir /etc/temporal/config 0.0s
=> CACHED [temporal-server 6/13] RUN chown -R temporal:temporal /etc/temporal/config 0.0s
=> CACHED [temporal-builder 2/13] WORKDIR /home/builder 0.0s
=> CACHED [temporal-builder 3/13] COPY golangcert.crt /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/ 0.0s
=> CACHED [temporal-builder 4/13] COPY githubcert.crt /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/ 0.0s
=> CACHED [temporal-builder 5/13] RUN update-ca-certificates 0.0s
=> CACHED [temporal-builder 6/13] RUN go env -w GOPROXY=direct GOFLAGS=“-insecure” 0.0s
=> CACHED [temporal-builder 7/13] COPY ./temporal/go.mod ./temporal/go.sum ./temporal/ 0.0s
=> ERROR [temporal-builder 8/13] RUN (cd ./temporal && go mod download all) 139.6s

[temporal-builder 8/13] RUN (cd ./temporal && go mod download all):
#19 127.5 go: unexpected EOF
#19 127.5 go: unexpected EOF

executor failed running [/bin/sh -c (cd ./temporal && go mod download all)]: exit code: 1

plz help with the issue

Are you using server.Dockerfile from docker-builds repo?

You can do something like:

git clone
cd docker-builds
rm -rf temporal
git clone
cd temporal 
git checkout tags/v1.18.3
cd ..
rm -rf tctl
git clone
docker build . -f server.Dockerfile -t <your_tag>

When done

docker images

You should see your built image with specified tag
Let me know if this helps.

hi how do i do custom build of the temporalio/web image?

dont find the web Dockerfile in the docker-builds git repo?

Hello @pradnya.bhalekar

temporalio/web is deprecated since September 30, 2022. You can find the new version of the UI here , and can build it from here

If you still want to build temporalio/web you can find the dockerfile on its repository GitHub - temporalio/web: Temporal Web UI v1

Thanks for the link,now i am trying to build ui image

and getting this error:

[ui-builder 10/10] RUN make install-utils install-ui build-ui build-server:
#19 1.453 go: downloading GitHub - temporalio/gogo-protobuf: Protocol Buffers for Go with Gadgets v1.22.1
#19 20.58 go: downloading grpc package - - Go Packages v1.51.0
#19 20.59 go: downloading protoc-gen-go-grpc command - - Go Packages v1.2.0
#19 21.37 go: downloading protobuf module - - Go Packages v1.27.1
#19 25.83 go: downloading GitHub - grpc-ecosystem/grpc-gateway: gRPC to JSON proxy generator following the gRPC HTTP spec v1.16.0
#19 26.22 go: downloading GitHub - golang/protobuf: Go support for Google's protocol buffers v1.3.3
#19 26.22 go: downloading GitHub - ghodss/yaml: A better way to marshal and unmarshal YAML in Golang v1.0.0
#19 26.22 go: downloading GitHub - golang/glog: Leveled execution logs for Go v0.0.0-20160126235308-23def4e6c14b
#19 26.22 go: downloading genproto module - - Go Packages v0.0.0-20200513103714-09dca8ec2884
#19 26.32 go: downloading v2.2.3
#19 32.34 go: downloading v2.14.0
#19 32.72 go: downloading GitHub - golang/glog: Leveled execution logs for Go v1.0.0
#19 32.72 go: downloading v0.4.0
#19 32.72 go: downloading genproto module - - Go Packages v0.0.0-20221114212237-e4508ebdbee1
#19 42.00 (cd ./ui && pnpm install)
#19 42.57 ERR_PNPM_NO_PKG_MANIFEST No package.json found in /home/ui-builder/ui
#19 42.58 make: *** [Makefile:96: install-ui] Error 1

executor failed running [/bin/sh -c make install-utils install-ui build-ui build-server]: exit code: 2

plz help with the issue


can you share the type of modifications you are doing and how you are building the image,

Also, have you run make install-submodules before trying to build the image?

please see ui-server/docker at main · temporalio/ui-server · GitHub