Building workflows with Rust SDK?


Are there examples of how to use the Rust SDK for those (me) checking out Temporal? I assume the Rust SDK can be used to build workflows on temporal, correct?

Also, is there a Rust developer guide?


Hi! While the internals of some SDKs are written in Rust, there is not a high-level Rust SDK yet.

I noticed there’s a rust_prototype_sdk or is there an alpha/beta version somewhere. Can I use that while waiting for a proper high level sdk. Btw, is there a timeline on when a rust sdk will be available

There’s no timeline at the moment on releasing a supported Rust SDK. The prototype sdk I am planning on moving into its own crate relatively soon, but it will undergo constant API changes and will not be officially supported and I’d have a hard time recommending using it.

I suggest using one of the existing supported SDKs for now, it will be at least some time before we release an official Rust SDK