Rust SDK for Temporal?


I would like to try out the Rust SDK for Temporal. I know it hasn’t been officially released yet, but would it be possible to get access to what is currently available, even if it is still a work-in-progress?

Thank you.

We’ve just started the development of the core SDK that is expected to be the underlying library for all other SDKs in the future. This SDK is in Rust and we expect to open the repository pretty soon.

Note that we are not planning to build a Rust SDK on top of it right away. The first project will be Typescript and then Python.

Thank you for the quick response. So I assume that building workflows and activities in Rust is still quite a ways off, then.

Activities will be pretty easy to add on top of the core SDK. Rust workflows will take some time.

Thanks for the explanation! Can’t wait to see the new SDK(s).

Hi maxim, is there any sort of timeframe on when the rust sdk will be made available (even partially), are we looking at months? weeks?

We will make the repository public within a few weeks. Getting it to feature complete state and then production quality will take months.

Hi maxim,

Is there a way you could release it publicly earlier, it would help we could contribute to it or also see what the code is going to look like. We’d really like to use temporal but having no visibility over it being worked on is very hard.

I understand Python is also in the works but it is on github and the progress is visible. It helps alot even though its not complete!

Hey there!

So we’ve just begun serious development of the Core SDK Max mentioned. We expect to make that repo public next week but it is far, far from feature complete as mentioned. However, we want to give you folks the visibility you’re asking for so we’re gonna get it out there with a caveat that it is by no means ready for use.

As Max mentions, Rust workflows are gonna take a bit. Our main priority is to get Core working so we can have a solid platform for future SDKs, and an opportunity to refactor the old ones to be based on it so they can benefit from all the Rust goodness. That said we are more than happy to hear all your ideas and input about what you’d like out of a pure Rust workflow & activity experience.

Keep an eye out on our GH! Thanks!

Thanks Spencer,

Looking forward to seeing it on GH!


Took us slightly longer than expected, but it’s public! Feel free to take a look!



What is the plan for the existing Golang SDK and worker runtime? Will the Workflow code based on the SDK remain backward compatible/mostly compatible with this approach?


We consider moving Golang SDK to the sdk-core. The expectation is that it will remain fully compatible.