Business Samples

Hi, I am totally new to this and a little bit at loss understanding the use cases. Is this similar to MS Dapr? Can I write a business workflow with this, is this like filenet bpm, activiti, etc. Or am I missing the point?
Are there samples for business wfls?

Hi @Stefan_Pro you can see different use cases on the Temporal website: Home

There are also numerous case studies:

  1. Reliable crypto transactions at Coinbase | Temporal documentation
  2. Durable, scalable EL(T) with OSS Airbyte and Temporal | Temporal documentation
  3. Medical diagnostics you can count on with Zebra Medical Vision and Temporal | Temporal documentation
  4. How Temporal simplified Checkr workflows | Temporal documentation
  5. Temporal: a central brain for Box | Temporal documentation
  6. Revolutionizing Audio with Descript and Temporal | Temporal documentation
  7. Build a Reliable System in a Microservices World at Snap - Snap Engineering
  8. Making Multi Environment Service Networking on Microsoft Azure Easy With Consul - YouTube
  9. “Software Delivery Building Blocks at Datadog“ by Jacob LeGrone and Kevin Devroede (Datadog) - YouTube
  10. Building Reliable Workflows: Cadence as a Fallback for Event-Driven Processing | DoorDash Engineering Blog

and even more external resources here: External Resources | Temporal documentation

Hope this gets you started to learn more about Temporal.