Cadence-cassandra-tools set Port

I am trying to use a cassandra based on CosmoDB and I manage to connect without problems. However, when creating the schemas, I have the following problem:

2021/10/19 16:27:48 gocql: unable to dial control conn gocql: no response to connection startup within timeout
2021/10/19 16:27:48 error creating Keyspace:gocql: unable to create session: control: unable to connect to initial hosts: gocql: no response to connection startup within timeout

Check the source code and wait for the assignment of the DB port in the following value:


But apparently he is not taking it and fails to create. Any idea how to solve this?

Your scenario could be similar to what I faced with AstraDB. AstraDB works (have not run outside of dev tho).

Important value is disableInitialHostLookup: true

See relevant parts of config:

    hosts: <host>
    port: <port>
    user: <user>
    password: <pass>        
      enabled: true
      certFile: <cert>
      keyFile: <key>
      caFile: <ca>
    disableInitialHostLookup: true
    keyspace: "temporal2"