Temporal-cassandra-tool is not able to lookup IP


When I am running the temporal-cassandra-tool via the docker container, I am getting the following error

~$ sudo docker run --rm -it \
>   -e CASSANDRA_HOST=“xx.xx.xx.xx” -e CASSANDRA_PORT=9042\
>   --entrypoint /bin/sh temporalio/admin-tools -c\
>   "temporal-cassandra-tool create-Keyspace -k temporal"
2021/03/24 12:28:47 gocql: dns error: lookup “xx.xx.xx.xx”: no such host
2021/03/24 12:28:47 error creating keyspace:gocql: unable to create session: failed to resolve any of the provided hostnames

When I run the following command on the same machine, I can confirm that Cassandra is reachable

~$ cqlsh xx.xx.xx.xx
Connected to Test Cluster at xx.xx.xx.xx:9042.
[cqlsh 5.0.1 | Cassandra 3.11.8 | CQL spec 3.4.4 | Native protocol v4]
Use HELP for help.
cqlsh> exit

I am not sure if this is some docker nuance, but can someone please help.

I figured out the problem. The IP address must not be in quotes. The quotes surrounding the CASSANDRA_HOST value in this response here threw me off - Temporalio/admin-tools using docker to create cassandra schema - #17 by markmark

To be clear, the command that works is

~$ sudo docker run --rm -it \
>   -e CASSANDRA_HOST=xx.xx.xx.xx -e CASSANDRA_PORT=9042\
>   --entrypoint /bin/sh temporalio/admin-tools -c\
>   "temporal-cassandra-tool create-Keyspace -k temporal"

where xx.xx.xx.xx is an IP address and not a hostname.