Can I change Archival URI from default?

I’m looking into the Archival feature and I find somewhat conflicting information in the docs.

  1. The tctl command [src] says (emphasis by me)

    Specify the URI for URI for Archival. The URI cannot be changed after Archival is first enabled.

  2. The Cluster/Archival documentation [src] says

    The Archival URI can not be changed once the Namespace is created.

Which one is it?

Update Namespace Archival info with service library (which perhaps could be tagged with the archival tag?) seems to indicate that (1) is true.

And if it is (2), would we need to migrate our workflows to new Namespaces in order turn on the archival features?


First One is true - Say you enable archival with S3 and the URI you specify is s3://bucket-name. This URI can’t be changed. (ie: you can’t change the buckname)

Second One is partially true

  • When creating a namespace using tctcl or via service library , if you don’t specify the archival params, archival is disabled by default. So you can enable it at any point any point it to a specific URI once.

  • But when you create a namespace and specify the archival params in the TCTL command/service lib , then archival will be enabled and you can’t change the archival URI from there on.

In our case, we had created a namespace without archival. Then using the update call, we enabled it. Update Namespace Archival info with service library

  • If when the namespace was created without archival enabled, then you can just enable it.

  • But if it was enabled when creating it, then you can’t (Say you had created a namespace and pointed archival to S3 bucket 1 , then you can’t change it to S3 Bucket 2)

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I’m glad to hear. We simply had not enabled it before so it’s still on the default settings.