Catching errors from a workflow like activity interceptors do

Hi, I have created an activity interceptor that implements ActivityInboundCallsInterceptor that allows me to catch errors from an activity and log them our Sentry instance. I have been trying to find something similar for long running workflows (client.start) but haven’t seen it in the documentation. I have only seen Interceptors that wrap execute and signal, but I would like to use interceptor that would be called if there’s ever an unexpected error from the workflow itself not the activity.
I am starting my workflows with client.start because it is long running and so I can’t use an execute interceptor.
Is there anything like that?
To get past this I have written a decorator that will achieve this but it is a little cumbersome and would prefer an interceptor-like solution if it can be achieved.


I think you want to implement a WorkfloInboundCallsInterceptor.

That worked for me thank you. I had tried that before but it wasn’t being called because I didn’t initialize it correctly in the worker options.