Sentry + temporal

I have implemented wf with Sentry as my observation tool and exception interceptor.
When I tested it with raise("test Sentry") inside a workflow I was getting what was expected.
But when I did something like this raise ApplicationError("TEST SENTRY") where ApplicationError is from temporalio.exceptions import ApplicationError I did not get anything.
So the question is about temporal exceptions if they appear Temporal will not send anything to interceptor?

Assuming you’re talking about WorkflowInboundInterceptor.execute_workflow, the interceptor is invoked as though it literally surrounds the code. So you can make the super call inside a try/except and catch any exception thrown by the workflow. We don’t “send” things to the interceptor, the interceptor is literally the code we call for executing the workflow. See this Sentry code sample to see how it reacts to workflow exceptions.

Granted if you don’t catch it, yes, workflows treat user exceptions and Temporal exceptions different (see the README and this KB article).