Cloud Pricing: what's an "action"?

Greetings. We’re looking at various Temporal-Cloud cases. What I can’t tell from the documentation is: what defines an action? I’m guessing it’s a list of specific history events, or groupings of events (e.g. 1 activity, which includes scheduled/started/completed).

I will go ask Sales too, but it also seems like a generic enough question. Note, maybe this is a documentation bug, because I don’t see a definition here.

Many thanks!


This is exactly what batch workflow samples demonstrate.

Hello @sdonovan

In general “actions” are defined as: activity, localActivity, workflow, childWorkflow, heartbeat, timer, signal, query.

We are going to add this to the documentation.

So, for activities, an action represents a single (logical) activity execution (i.e. the started, scheduled, completed events – regardless of success/failed). Retries are considered additional executions, and incur an additional action for each retry.

Same would apply to child-workflows. For the others (localActivity, sideEffect, heartbeat, timer, signal, query), I think they only occur as single events (so, 1x action each).

Would be easy to construct code to trawl workflow-history and count the actions.


Hi @sdonovan

Every activity invocation, child workflow, signal etc… in your workflow code counts as one action.

So for the following “code”:

- activity1
- activity2
- activity3
- sleep
- childWorflow

There are 5 actions in the workflow + the workflow itself: 6 in total.

Every activity retry counts as one action, yes.