Temporal Cloud Pricing: What is the complete definition of "action"?

Hi team,
This is important to me as I am considering to use Temporal cloud for business.

I saw this post Cloud Pricing: what's an "action"? - #4 by antonio.perez
but still need more info about the definition of an action.

So far I know that an action is:

  • A start workflow API call
  • A signal workflow call
  • A terminate/cancel workflow
  • An activity execution
  • A local activity execution
  • An activity retry attempt
  • A upsert search attribute
  • upsert memo

But I have more questions about whether or not those are actions:

  • Side effect or mutable side effect (since it has a event similar to local activity)
  • versioning
  • list workflow API call
  • describe workflow API call
  • get workflow history API call
  • workflow task retry (there could be a lot when running into non-deterministic error)

Hello @qlong

we recently added this information to our documentation Temporal Cloud documentation | Temporal Documentation

let us know if you have more questions or if you need an estimation.


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Thanks Antonio.This is super useful!

Just to confirm, I don’t see “ListWorkflowExecutions” and " and “DescribeWorkflowExecution” in the list so they are not being charged – I wonder if that could change in the future, and I can feel free to use it as much as I want.