Config cadence to production

Hello! I have come to ask for your help as I have some doubts about the transition to production (or to an environment) of cadence.

For testing concepts we used the docker-compose method and everything worked fine. Now what we need is to be able to upload cadence-web, cadence-server.

In the case of the server we simply create this Dockerfile:

FROM ubercadence/server:0.13.0


cadence-cassandra-tool --ep $CASSANDRA_SEEDS create -k $KEYSPACE --rf 1
cadence-cassandra-tool --ep $CASSANDRA_SEEDS -k $KEYSPACE setup-schema -v 0.0
cadence-cassandra-tool --ep $CASSANDRA_SEEDS -k $KEYSPACE update-schema -d $SCHEMA_DIR -v 0.27
cadence-cassandra-tool --ep $CASSANDRA_SEEDS create -k $VISIBILITY_KEYSPACE --rf 1
cadence-cassandra-tool --ep $CASSANDRA_SEEDS -k $VISIBILITY_KEYSPACE setup-schema -v 0.0
cadence-cassandra-tool --ep $CASSANDRA_SEEDS -k $VISIBILITY_KEYSPACE update-schema -d $VISIBILITY_SCHEMA_DIR -v 0.5


This when getting up in our cluster, generates a service called workflow_server exposed in the default ports that cadence brings.

In the case of the web, we clone the official repository and modify:


app.init({useWebpack: true}).listen(port)

And we configure the environment variables like this:


When creating a domain on my server, everything works fine, it is created and registered in our database. (we use cassandra) but when I go to the web and try to find the domain I get the error


I do not understand the truth if I am passing a value wrong or if my configuration is horribly wrong but I cannot connect the web with the server. In the server configuration files I see the ip many times and I do not know by which / which values ​​to replace them and in the documentation it does not appear much more regarding this configuration. If someone could help me understand the settings and know if it is possible to do what I am trying, I would appreciate it!

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Finally, after many failed attempts, I managed to find the problem. I had to set the variable BIND_ON_IP = and everything works fine. I leave this in case it helps someone!

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