Cron schedule timezone

Hello, I have a cron workflow with 0 22 * * * as its schedule. Based on the java-sdk docs, this schedule should run every day at 22:00 UTC. However, it runs 02:00 UTC instead (22:00 UTC−04:00).

Any ideas as to why this might be the case?

Default timezone for Temporal server is UTC.
When you start your cron workflow take a look at the WorkflowExecutionStarted event and its firstWorkflowTaskBackoff property. This is the execution delay to the start of the exec as it should be defined in the cron. Does that match?

Yes, it shows 23h 56m 1s which matches the once-per-day schedule. Also double-checked the cronSchedule field, which is 0 2 * * * rather than 22:00 as expected. Currently investigating why that discrepancy exists.

Looks like there was a change that I didn’t catch, and the schedule is indeed 0 2 * * *. Sorry about that!

Follow-up question: is it possible to configure the Temporal server timezone?

Here is a feature request to support time zones in cron schedules:

Feel free to add your input there as well.

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