Seems tctl (v1.16.1) can't trigger flow with timezone support

seems tctl (v1.16.1) can’t trigger flow with timezone support:

Error Details: Invalid CronSchedule.

tctl need upgrade?

ref: Support Timezones in the cron schedule · Issue #1255 · temporalio/temporal · GitHub

What is the cron schedule you are using?

Testing with tctl 1.16.1 and server version 1.16.1:

"CRON_TZ=America/New_York 5 16 * * *" works fine
"2023-03-14T00:00:00-04:00" does produce the mentioned error but I get the same error trying to set it via api so don’t think its related to tctl

ok, i c, I should Place CRON_TZ at the begining of the cron, but not ending.