Cross region data migration through Temporal

I am trying to do a cross region data migration using Temporal as a middleman. My goal is to start a parent workflow in one region, then initiate a child workflow that runs a query on that region’s DB and batch returns the results from that query until it is done. I have seen it is possible to send signals from child to parent but this doesn’t seem a valid use case for that.

Is it best to have the parent workflow just run an activity in the other region’s service that queries the DB then returns, and batch it this way? Or is it actually possible to have the other service run 1 workflow for the multiple queries and returns that it will need to migrate all the data, ie. can a child workflow return some results and keep running, then return more results, etc.?

Temporal is not designed to pass large amounts of data directly as inputs and outputs of workflows and activities.

You can run activities in different regions, and these activities would need to send data directly, bypassing Temporal.