Custom Search Attributes not appearing post upgrade to 1.20.1


We have hit an issue post upgrade the server from 1.19.1 to 1.20.1. We do have around 10 custom search attributes added on our elastic search and as well as temporal server, this has been added via tctl in previous versions.

Post upgrade to 1.20.1 version, the custom attributes aren’t available on temporal server. However these attributes are still available on elastic search. Current version of elastic search is 7.17.2 and we use cassandra DB

When we try to add the attribute using tctl, it does get added only when we provide namespace field in tctl. Please can you guide us here if we need to make any flag/settings change prior to upgrade to 1.20.1

tctl --auto_confirm --address --tls_ca_path ca.pem --headers_provider_plugin /usr/local/bin/tctl-authorization-plugin --namespace sandbox admin cluster add-search-attributes --name TextAttribute3 --type Text;

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Hi @tihomir , can you please advice on this post?

@tihomir , we have upgraded to latest version of server to 1.20.2 as well and we don’t see the custom search attributes on server. If we rollback to 1.19.1 version, we are able to see the custom attributes. Please advise if any additional setup to be done on 1.20.1 or 1.20.2 version to see the custom search attributes.

What do you use for visibility/advanced visibility stores? Elastic, SQL db?

For us, the issue was, we were using old helm chart. After pulling the latest helm, it worked for us.
You have to define only one of the visibility or advancedVisibility store.

We use Elastic version (7.17.2). As mentioned on the topic, we can find the custom search attributes on elastic search.

Thank you @deepakkumar , we have changed our config and we were able to see the custom attributes on new server version.