Recent change in custom search attribute

Before 1.11 changes, for a custom search attribute I would add it in

  1. frontend.validSearchAttributes in dynamic config
  2. override es default template and add the search attributes.

After changes, my understanding is just the tctl admin cluster add-search-attributes takes care of persisting it in temporal and adding them to ES index and it is working.

But before changes if I do not add it in frontend.validSearchAttributes it caused problem after temporal restart.

Now do I still need to add it to frontend.validSearchAttributes ?
It would be great if you can give a list of places where I need to add a custom search attribute.

I believe the tctl admin cluster add-search-attributes command adds the attribute everywhere it is needed.

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Yes, this is true. Dynamic config is not used for the custom search attributes anymore. I am working on updating documentation for it.

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